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VenomBat22 At the start of his sixth year, girls begin finding a new thing about the Chosen One. Something that’ll change him forever. Fiction M – English – Harry P. However, after he had fucked Katie in her dorm, events transpired which resulted in Harry having a duel with Malfoy in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and him using the Sectumsempra spell, which resulted in Draco bleeding immensely. Snape made it clear that Harry would be spending his Saturdays in detention with him, resulting in him missing the Quidditch final. The team was pissed at this, but he found it better when Katie approached him Wednesday morning. After kissing her new boyfriend, she had some important things to discuss with him. Although, Hermione was there along side her. Plus, we want somewhere new, somewhere you haven’t fucked a girl yet. I saw you fucking Romilda here months ago!

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November 7, 3: February 3, First, a disclaimer: I love the Harry Potter books and films.

Out of the 50 fics, 12 indicated both Harry and Hermione as major characters, 6 indicated Harry and Fleur, 3 Harry and Luna, 4 Harry with another female character (Ginny, Bellatrix or Daphne, Susan and Hannah), 4 Harry and Sirius, 3 Harry and Severus, 3 Draco and Hermione, 2 Harry .

Who is Draco Malfoy? Draco Malfoy is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series. He is one of Harry Potter’s enemies; on a smaller basis. Draco and Harry are in the same year at school and in rival houses as Draco is in Slytherin house. He tries to be a bully but isn’t very confident without his friends although …followers would probably be a more accurate description Crabbe and Goyle by his side.

He tries several times to get Harry expelled from school, he hates muggle-borns and blood-traitors such as Hermione and the Weasley’s. His family are old death eaters and one of the largest pure-blood families still around. They are a very rich family. Draco was supposed to kill Albus Dumbledore to restore his families name but he was unable to do it. In the seventh book the Death Eater headquarters is set up at the Malfoy house, whose family is still not in Voldemort’s ‘good books’.

The Malfoy family change sides during the final battle after Draco is saved, twice, by Harry, Ron and Hermione. His parents change side because they fear for their sons life. Draco is a rich pure blood slytherin.

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Most of the fics are completed, with the rest being near completed or still being updated. Escape by SingularOddities reviews AU. A marriage law is instigated during Hermione’s sixth year.

Hermione has been a Half-Blood in a family full of Purebloods who love Voldermort. Find this Pin and more on Babe! by mylika perez. #wattpad #fanfiction Hermione has been a Half-Blood in a family full of Purebloods who love Voldermort.

Your source of nerdy fanfiction stats Menu Fanfic vs. Female Characters in Harry Potter As we well know, fanfiction is dominated by stories about male characters, which can appear a bit paradoxical at first, since it is predominantly written by women. Several explanations can be advanced on the subject: Canon books, movies and TV series are more often centered around male characters than female ones Even when there are canon female characters, canon male characters are deemed more interesting than female ones in terms of story development and character arcs Or it could be due to internalized misogyny: With this question in mind, I naturally turned over to Harry Potter: Whereas centered around a male character, the book has an interesting —if limited— list of female characters that provide ample matter for fanfic authors The fandom is still huge, with so many fics to look at I honestly wondered what the results would be: Many female characters… And yet so difficult to find any image with a significant number of them interacting.

Female characters in Harry Potter So, first, what is the place of female characters in canon? So what do we find in the text itself? Snape being benevolent at giving instructions, as always. To compute these ratios I used text mining with R and the tm package. If we group all the books together, the number of male pronouns is 4. Female characters in HP fanfiction Are female characters given better representation in fanfiction than in canon?


This group prides itself on choosing only the fanfics that are the best out there. Everything from the old school to the new. Largest Community of Harmony on FF! Why she married Ron she did not know, she did know it was the biggest mistake she ever made. Harry Potter – Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters:

In Grace Ann’s Harry Potter rewrite, Ron, Hermione and Harry are learning to be Christians instead of wizards In Grace Ann’s version of the tale, Harry’s aunt Petunia is an atheist who believes in.

I know this is silly. Hermione has so much more to offer the world than who she ends up with, and talking about this failing the Bechdel test on every level. But I love the books. And sometimes, even though things are absolutely absurd to hash out , you have to go a little HAM and convince yourself that yes, they matter. Because this is our childhood Rowling is messing with. She should leave well enough alone. Ron and Hermione ended up together, and that is how they should stay. Those books took up ten years of my life, Joanne.

Then he grinned again. Will you come now? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ron, the youngest of six Weasley boys, is used to not getting his way. Because this is still, magic or no magic, a story about teenagers. Remember when Harry comes back to school in Book 6 and girls are gawking over him? And Hermione is nothing if not a pragmatist.

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ lets down women and betrays Hermione’s legacy

Malfoy Fanfiction 5 Years Later The body is gone but we just assumed that someone had taken it to a graveyard or something. We are now married and I am official Rachel Potter. We have two beautiful children called Theo and Garance. Theo was my first child he is 3 now and has brown-black hair like Harry and my bright green eyes.

Feb 18,  · PLEASE WATCH IN HD This is my favourite dramione fanfic of all time. It is rare to find a fic that both draco and hermione are completely in character the .

Set post-Hogwarts, the canon-compliant fic is told in extracts from journals, letters sent between characters, record books, security tapes, newspaper clippings, etc. Be Forwarned, she loves to torture Ron in her fics and this one really puts him through the ringer. But now, after so long, they reunite again, in the midst of the war and when all hope is lost. But though what happened my help them win, it may also mean the definitive loss of their chance at happiness. What I love most is that though beating Voldemort drives the plot, the best parts are the little in-between moments of calm where Hermione is left only with her guilt…and hope.

What she and Ron do next has the potential to destroy the famous trio forever. Set during their Hogwarts years, this fic is what infidelity fics should be. She, Ron and Harry step through the veil to discover the secret, finding things are not as thought. This fic is perfect for that. Set in 5th year circa Order of the Phoenix. Basically Ron is pulled into a world exactly like the one we read about with one major change: Harry was sorted into Slytherin.

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M, English, Hermione G. I needed an Arx break, so I’ve been doing one-shots lately. A huge thank you to everybody for supporting me in that and letting me regroup and reenergize for Arx.

The War is over. Voldemort is gone. And Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter are back at Hogwarts for their official seventh year. Since the war ended, Hermione and her best friends had drifted apart, Ginny has become her only good friend, and the only thing she looks forward to is coming.

It Begins “This is useless,” Harry said as he threw the catalogue onto the table. While it may be true that some of the items found in Knockturn Alley may be a bit… dodgy, the vast majority of them are not. I was just saying that if your mum had been a pure blood too then maybe her family would have been good at duelling or something. They were planning to give you a copy of the spells when you get married, don’t tell them I told you this.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to defeat the dark lord with fertility charms. When are people going to learn that information should be free? I’ll bet that we’d be able to find a way to defeat Voldemort if we had access to all those family spells. The free exchange of ideas is the only thing that allows us to move forward.

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Unique FenrirHarry challenge0 I challenge someone out there on Fanfiction to write a rather unique FenrirHarry one shot. What’s so unique about it? Harry is a cuntboy. For those who don’t know what a cuntboy is a cuntboy is a boy that has a vagina but has masculine features.

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Lack of Subtlety Harry had known Malfoy for years. He had seen the spoiled, bigoted brat and the arrogant teenager. He had even seen an adoring man trying to sacrifice his own life for the woman he couldn’t take his eyes off. That final one still made him rather nauseous. Harry had not expected to witness yet another facet of Draco Malfoy. The blonde cast his calculating eyes over the pair of wizards who were clearly failing to intimidate. For the first time Harry began to see something distinctly inhuman in the face of the former Death Eater and he couldn’t even articulate what he was seeing.

She didn’t ask us to come talk to you; we just knew she’d be unhappy while you were out here feeling sorry for yourself. She’s probably going to yell at us. Harry watched the claws slide out of his fingertips. He slowly went insane from having to deny his urges.


It would have been such a wonderful power couple, a beautiful marriage with super-wizard kids, lol. Hard to believe that Ron the whin bab-boy got Herm, she is a higher class babe. Also, she could have chosen another animal for Hufflep. Ivan harry potter and Hermionie shipper since the series began Zanitaroma I still prefer Ron and Hermione.

Story with a relationship between Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass. Title Author Categories Site ; 1. HP and the Return of the Valkyrie: udderpd: Harry Potter.

Report Story Hermione was sitting on Ron’s lap kissing him passionately in the Gryffindor common room. They were sitting on an arm chair on the other side of the room from Harry, the only other person in the common room at that moment. He felt as if he was the third-wheel, seeing Ron and Hermione so happy together. He was resting on a chair next to a chess board gazing at the Marauders Map. He figured he had nothing better to do.

He could see Professor McGonagall trotting around in her office, Professor Sprout walking in and out of the castle to the greenhouse and much more. Are they dating once more, Harry thought in deep wonder. Hermione started giggling, Ron smiled as they kissed and soon did the same. He rose from his chair in anger.

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