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This is recommended by Vermont Castings for tightly constructed homes for two reasons–better stove performance and to avoid having negative pressure potentially affecting the draft of the stove, particulary if you’re running exhaust fans and the like. I gather it’s even possible to reverse the draft and suck smoke into the house this way. But the local VC dealer told me that at a recent conference he attended there was major controversy about housefires attributed to fresh air inlets, particularly when the ducts were PVC. According to him, the Canadians are no longer requiring fresh air ducts in their code for new construction because of this. I guess in a downdraft situation flames can potentially shoot into the fresh air duct, igniting the PVC. His personal advice was to not connect the vent directly to the stove. Anyone else heard of this? I tried searching on the net but found nothing.


Unlike conventional systems in which vents must be positioned up high, MCZ diffusers can be installed freely, wherever is most convenient for you, even near the floor. Light and scented air Many diffusers also act as elegant wall lamps, amplifying the relaxing, comfortable effect, manageable through a standard supplied remote control. In addition, there is a water tank inside several of the models.

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Vertical distance Elevation where you live. A rule of thumb equation we are using has been adopted by most pellet manufactures. All of the above mentioned venting restrictions have been assigned EVL values as follows: If your installation is below ft, we would need to do some math. The rule of thumb equations is that if the sum of the EVL is 15 or greater, then the pellet vent pipe would be increased to 4 inch diameter pellet vent pipe.

Of course there may be different variables to this equation that we used, but still it works quite well. Let’s try out this equation using several different typical installation configurations we encounter. The first typical installation is out the back of the stove and straight through the wall with 10 to 12 inches protruding chimney past the outside wall with an installation altitude of less than ft. Do make sure that the pipe outside is clear of walkways, shrubs, and at least 24 inches above the ground.

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Outdoor Wood Boilers Where does a wood stove go? These devices are notoriously polluting and inefficient. They require lots of electricity to run and they waste much of the energy value of the firewood they burn. Moreover, they are so smoky that they will drive your neighbors crazy. In many areas of the country, irate neighbors have sued owners of outdoor wood boilers, alleging that the devices represent a neighborhood nuisance.

The large, CFM blower with thermostat pushes hot air through an 8 in. Hot air outlet on the top of the stove, and if this hot air is routed into your homes existing ductwork, it can heat up to 3, sq.

Posted on March 15, by ceorockstar Most of the product I sell is replacement motors and every so often I will get a question about wiring. Maybe you have some questions too. Sometimes the wires on the part I send are not the same color or do not have the same connection as the original. A little bit of background… Many of the motors I sell are for stoves that are more than 20 years old. Over the course of 20 years the parts have been revised so that they work better, last longer, or comply with new energy regulations.

When a motor is revised, it will fit the most current model of pellet stoves out there. The result is the electrical connection and wiring color may change over time. What this means for you is that you may have to change a few things on your install. The first change you may need to make is the wiring connector. The connector that comes with the motor may not match your old one. The solution is to cut the connector off the new motor and use wire nuts or your preferred electrical connector to wire the new motor to the old wiring.

This does not void your warranty and works very well.


You have a link proving you can’t have a cold air return in the same room as a woodstove? I find that hard to believe, considering the fact that many people have their woodstoves in their living room, and they also have a cold air return in their living rooms. Also, what about open concept houses, how is a room defined? It’s also common sense. Now, I do think if I looked even further, there might be a distance you must be from the fireplace or wood stove, but it’s best not to have a return air inlet near your solid-fuel burning appliance – ever.

A pellet furnace is designed to be a whole house heating system and comes in two types. There’s the sort which is a large freestanding pellet stove and can be placed within the home, and the industrial looking units which are intended to replace oil or gas, can run hot air and water and are meant to live in the basement, utility room or outside the home.

We sell parts for many types of pellet stoves here in. We only list motors we have in-stock. This motor is extremely quiet, to me it is almost silent. Changing the auger motor is not very hard but it is a dirty and strenuous job gaining access. Not something you want to do every other year. This is top of the line quality, made in the USA.

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Feb 22,  · I grew up heating with wood I know ALL ABOUT IT. and so far the only wood heat I can think of that would beat our pellet stove would be if I could figure out a way to rig up an auger that would feed directly from the pellet box into the stove hopper.

I have my pellet stove downstairs and a wood stove insert with a cooktop in the upstairs fireplace. Nope the only place in the whole house a stove can set is on the hearth the pellet stove fits on. And after heating my house with a wood stove for years I’m not going near that PITA again on a dare. I can fill the hopper on my stove from the pellet box I built next to the stove and totally forget about the stove for hours.

I fill the pellet box once every days from a stack in my car port. I use approx 2. We buy pellets in bulk during the summer when on sale and then buy a few more ten to 20 bags at a time to finish out the year in Spring. This took up a huge area drew bugs and spiders as well as little furry critters pellets do not. I had to pack wood in from the cold times a week all the while packing bugs and spiders and dirt and mess into the living room.

The stove would never run more then 10 hours unattended and waking up to a cold house was very common.

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They fit together to prevent smoke or draft from entering or exiting the stove. They are available in sections with separate fittings that allow you to build almost any configuration for any wood stove. This type of stove has a round, steel flange emerging from the top that allow for easy hook-up. Its only a matter of matching the pipe to the flange. Special tools or training are not necessary for attaching pipes to stoves.

Oct 31,  · I used to have a set-up like this, a wood-stove in the basement with a little collector box right on top, out of which came ductwork that connected to the furnace ducting.

Originally Posted by dieselscout80 View Post I want to install a wood stove in our home’s basement. My thinking is that we can run our heat pumps blower fan in the constant on setting and circulate the heat from the wood stove throughout the house. Is this ok per code? Is this a good or bad idea? Do I need to provide the wood stove a fresh air intake out side the basement? I don’t think you should put the wood stove directly under the return opening. I don’t know how far it is from this opening to your heating blower.

What you have to watch is every blower motor has a temp. So if you get too hot of air going into the blower, you will damage the motor and it could keep turning off on internal over load or over heat switch. If you move the wood burner a ways away from the return so it mixes more of the house air, this way you will not over heat. Wood burner ducts should be at least 2″ from and wood and i would bet your are closer than that.

Do you have a open stairs to let the house air get to the basement.

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Groton, CT Date: Pellet burning Stove Function: Heat source for one room Request Stage: Ready to Hire Desired Completion Date:

Dec 27,  · Pellet stove with current ductwork Anyway – we have a 2 story townhome that’s approx. sq ft. He woud like to put the stove in the basement & hook it into our current ductwork to heat the entire house that way.

Vertical distance Elevation where you live All of the above variables will figure in when you figure the resistance EVL equation that has been adopted by most pellet manufactures has proven itself over many years. All of the above mentioned venting restrictions have been assigned EVL values. If your installation were below ft, we would need to do some math.

The rule of thumb equations is that if the sum of the EVL is 15 or greater, then the pellet vent pipe would be increased to 4 inch diameter pellet vent pipe. Of course there may be different variables to this equation that we used, but still it works quite well. Let’s try out this EVL equation using several different types of installation configurations that are might encountered.

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