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The “bikini coffee shop” chain, which already operates six locations in California with female baristas who wear little more than lingerie or swimwear, is drawing criticism from Chico residents, who have already raised concerns with the city manager, the Chico Enterprise-Record is reporting. It hasn’t opened,” said City Manager Mark Orme, who told the Enterprise-Record that he’s already received numerous phone and email complaints about the business. Another critic of the new Bottoms Up Espresso location is concerned the coffee shop will be opening just down the block from her dance studio, which is “full of impressionable children”. This is their home, where they feel safe and comfortable,” said Sarah Schneeweis, the owner of Hype Dance. Ms Schneeweis also told Action News Now that she doesn’t want her students exposed to the baristas’ attire. We have a handbook and employee policies. Those policies help keep employees presentable. As for now, Mr Orme says the business has only obtained a license to operate, and as long as it conforms to the use of the property – the building’s previous occupants ran a coffee business, too – there’s nothing that can be done. That said, the mayor of Chico is making it known that many residents aren’t fans of the project. I expect the business to flame out and do so quickly as Chico already has a number of very successful, tasteful, well-run coffee houses.

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Bikini baristas upset neighbours

Baristas, whose uniforms consist of bikinis, are heading to a US federal court this week to argue that their First Amendment rights have been violated by the suit-wearing officials in one Washington city who implemented two ordinances aimed at putting a lid on the coffee business. Two recent directives, which were passed in August but have a moratorium in place until the baristas’ lawsuit is settled, tighten the city’s regulations on what constitutes lewd behaviour and institutes a dress code that bans employees from wearing bikinis or showing too much bare skin.

The laws are just the final straw in a years-long battle against bikini baristas stands. While Everett politicians have been steamed about the coffee stands for years – arguing everything from obscenity to mob ties – officials are taking a page out of the headlines and citing a new argument:

The city of Everett, about 50km north of Seattle, is home to numerous bikini barista espresso stands, where servers dressed in everything from tasteful two-piece swimsuits to pasties and G-strings serve up lattes and Americanos at a drive-through window.

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Bikini baristas rake in $,

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Current Employee – Barista in Tacoma, WA Current Employee – Barista in Tacoma, WA Doesn’t Recommend I have been working at Ladybug Espresso part-time Pros some good tips, some good girls to work with, and a few good customers Cons owners spy using cameras, they are total perverts, they encourage “side” shows, and ways to get the customer to come back. Some girls are selling more than coffee, men are total scumbags who all want to see more skin, and it is totally more than just sellling coffee, they are far worse than any other bikini barista.

Wives, do not let your man go there, a lot of hookups happen late at night in tacoma and the whole thing is sad. Funny part is the men think that we are in to them. The owners and the managers are total scammers, they cheat and don’t pay us right, they want us to exploit our bodies in the most degrading way,. Anyone that works for this company is morally corrupt and they like it that way,. I finally am going to a more repsectable coffee shop. Advice to Management clean up or get caught, the whistle is going to get blown on you and all the pervert customers and workers who come around wnating freebees as well.


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Ladybug Espresso

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But now men are buying more coffee and the reason is the growing popularity of the Bikini Baristas. A barista is an expert at making and serving coffee. The new twist is that specialist kiosks are being staffed by young lady baristas wearing bikinis or hot pants – or thongs and stockings.

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Bikini Baristas: Coffee and Controversy in Washington State – Zagat Documentaries, Episode 22